Hey Friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I spent this weekend organizing our rooms and it reminded me that I wanted to share some tips on how to decorate on a budget!

When it comes to decorating your home or apartment, cost can play a big part in your decisions.

I’ve spent so much time and frustration searching for new furniture and decor, because everything I was searching for was too pricy. After hours of looking on different websites, I realized I needed to look at places like Amazon, Wayfair, HomeGoods, Marshalls, etc.! This was the best decision! I obviously LOVE to shop local when I can, but when it came to decorating my first home, I wanted to make sure I was staying budget-friendly. My friends give me a hard time because when they come over and ask where I got something, most of the time I say “Amazon.” Finding budget-friendly pieces does take more time, but they are always worth the hunt! I have found so many quality pieces because I took my time and searched long and hard! Have you seen the decor Walmart has now?! They have stepped up their game and are carrying some beautiful pieces. If you have not looked at their website recently, I highly recommend you do so. I have found a lot of different pieces I want to purchase from them, and they are all budget-friendly!!

I do recommend buying a few pieces that will last you a lifetime.

We bought a nice dining room table, a few decorative chairs, and a couch that we will have for many years. We sat down and made a list of pieces that were important to us and decided that it was okay to spend extra money on those items. The things we did not care as much about, we decided we would find for cheaper prices at different stores. If you are not in a place to buy quality pieces yet, don’t be hard on yourself! You will get there one day, and it will be so rewarding when you purchase the item!

If you need help decorating your home, apartment or a certain room on a budget, I’m your girl. 

Fill out the contact form below and let’s work together! I have spent hours looking perusing the internet and learning what is good and bad quality. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me because that is what I am here for! I can walk you through the process and make vision boards for you. I can also just help you get started if you are focusing on saving money. My goal is for you to walk into your home and have it bring a smile to your face every time! I truly believe your house should be your happy place.