Hi! I am passionate about everything house and home. From assisting clients with buying and selling to helping with interior design and redesign, I bring a unique perspective as both a real estate agent and interior designer. And I’m here to share it all with you!  

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Entrepreneurship, I ventured into medical device sales. And while that industry was exciting for many reasons, I quickly realized my passions were leading me elsewhere-out into the world to practice all of the things I learned while getting my degree.

So with my husband and biggest encourager, Britton, by my side, I dove headfirst into pursuing my real estate license. This was a perfect fit for me because I’ve always admired the love and craftsmanship that goes into beautifully constructed and cared for homes. I love real estate because it allows me to work with people to find their own perfect place.  

Another passion of mine is interior design, which actually started when I was a little girl! My childhood home and my grandparent’s homes were always beautifully decorated, and I remember loving visiting friend’s houses and admiring their decor as well.  I always noticed stunning pieces of art, gorgeous draperies, and antique furniture. And now I use that life-long passion to help people create beautiful spaces of their own!

I’m so excited I get to practice my passions, do what I love, and share it all with you along the way! I offer a full spectrum of real estate and interior design services, and I also share my journey in both areas on my social media pages. I’d love for you to follow along on my social accounts, linked below! 

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