Mary Kris is a new age realtor that goes above and beyond to provide a flawless experience throughout the entire home buying process. She is very sweet and efficient and handles every detail with grace and confidence. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.

– Ginger K


Home decorating is very daunting. I answered questions regarding my budget and style preferences. Mary Kris delivered multiple vision boards allowing me to choose decor I truly loved via text message only a few short hours after talking. The fact that she was able to consult electronically proves how up to date she is with the latest trends! I enjoyed the opportunity to have in-home live consultations. Whether a full overhaul or just some ideas to pull the room together, Mary Kris understands how to cut costs without compromising value! Perfection is a series of small things done really well and I would highly recommend reaching out to Mary Kris for the job!!!”

– Angela R


I was thoroughly impressed with Mrs. Kollmann’s knowledge of the market. Her follow through was excellent, she goes above and beyond and the entire process went great!

– Dave K


I am currently in the process of buying my first home. I thought this process would be stressful, confusing, and hard to navigate. Because of the excellent work that Mary Kris Kollmann has done for me so far, this process couldn’t be any easier. Because she is a Tulsa native, she knows different neighborhoods well and when a house might be overpriced. She will always put your preferences first, provides you with feedback, and is patient as she works with you to find you the right option.

– Will J


Mary Kris has been extremely professional and helpful throughout my home search process. She finds answers to all of my questions and never hesitates to show me a house. I am excited to continue to work with her! I would definitely recommend her to new or experienced home buyers! Also, her eye for interior design is great! She helps me visualize different ideas of how I could decorate my future home. It makes it extremely helpful having her there to guide me! 

– Haley L


Mary Kris has helped me decorate our house, and I have been very pleased with her help. She made a vision board for each room I needed decorated. This worked out great for me because I needed guidance on getting started, so she helped me visualize each room. She has wonderful taste, and her interior design skills are stellar. No matter what style you have, Mary Kris knows exactly what she is doing!

– Susan K


Mary Kris is the absolute best! She was thorough, professional, and had a sense of urgency due to the Tulsa market being on fire! As a new home buyer everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand; making the offer, working with the mortgage company & closing on my house could not have gone any smoother. I would highly recommend MK to anyone looking into real estate! I will be using her again in the future. 

– Ashley W


Mary Kris helped with virtual designing my home decor. She is amazing and has the best eye for design. If you just tell her your style, she will roll with it and give you more ideas than even imaginable, and will also send you links to each item and give you different price options for your budget. Each room she helped me with was exactly what I needed and the exact look I was going for ! Hire her for any home decor and design needs . She is a true gift.

– Starla W


We completely enjoyed working with Mary Kris from the beginning. We trusted each decision she helped us make and every piece of advice she gave us. We will be recommending her to many more!

– Tori & Andrew B

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