Tulsa friends! Isn’t it amazing how many great restaurants we have in this city?
I remember thinking a few years back, that I wish we had more options! Fast forward a couple of years, and we have amazing places to choose from. Here are my top five restaurants I’m loving right now in no particular order:

1. Café Ole
Can we talk about their margaritas? To die for!!! You also must try their queso. Life changing! This is a great spot to go after a long day at work to meet friends. I also love the staff that work here. Nothing beats great customer service!

2. Roosevelts
If you are a beer person, stop what you are doing and head to Roosevelts! The beer choices they have are out of this world. I always spend a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out what beer I am going to get because the menu is so long. I love it! Their food is also GREAT! If you like gourmet sandwiches, this place is for you.

3. In The Raw
I have been going to In The Raw for countless years. You can never go wrong with dinner here. I refuse to eat at any other sushi place in town because ITR has stollen my heart. In The Raw on Brookside has a fun patio when it is warm outside! I highly recommend checking it out when the spring months roll around.

4. Stonehorse Café
Date night central! My husband and I LOVE going to Stonehorse for a date night. We enjoy sitting on their patio, splitting a bottle of wine & pizza. I love how their menu changes, I respect that they are always thinking about their customers. You don’t want to miss out on this spot!

5. Polo Grill
Polo Grill is also another fabulous place for a date night! If you are in the mood for a steak dinner, head right on over! The quality of their food is fantastic, and their wine choices are also great. Going to Polo Grill is always a wonderful decision!

Now that I have given you a list of my favorite restaurants, I am off to go pick up some lunch because this made me SO hungry! If you end up going to one of these places, message me! I will be happy to help you decide what to get! Have a great week!!!