Each day as a Realtor can look very different, but I thought it would be fun to walk you all through different tasks I do during the week! I have loved every minute of being a Realtor, and I love that I get to build my own schedule each week. I work for McGraw Realtors, and they have been absolutely amazing to work for. I cannot say enough good things about the brokerage! They help me get through any challenges that may arise and have helped mold me to be the best Realtor possible. 

As a Residential Real Estate Agent, I wake up and get on MLS to check the new listings that hit overnight and early morning. I check to see if there are any houses that fit my buyers’ or sellers’ criteria. If a new listing hits that one of my buyers or sellers might like, I make sure to reach out to them immediately. As some of you might know, the housing market is on fire right now! Houses are selling extremely fast, so I have to make sure I am on top of each new listing to make sure my buyers and sellers can see it before it goes under contract. I always do my research on the home before I take my clients through it to make sure I can answer any questions they have while touring the home.  When I have a current listing, I start my day by reaching out to potential buyers to see if anyone wants to tour the home or land. If not, I make sure to post something about my listing to market the home! I try to do this multiple times a week, sometimes daily. 

If I am not showing a home or working on MLS, I work on marketing myself and my listings. Marketing is such a strong strategy to help get information out about anything I am working on. I work with a marketing firm in Tulsa, OK to help provide the best strategies for my clients! I have meetings with them every couple of weeks, and I am always learning something new. 

Throughout the day I also try to find new leads. I drive around different areas and look at “For Sale By Owner” signs. I often call those homeowners and let them know I would love to work with them if they decide they want to work with a Realtor. I have made great connections by doing this! This business always needs buyers and sellers for sustainability and this strategy can generate leads through my referral network. The more people you know, the more leads you can get! 

On really great days, I have a closing. I do a lot of my closings at a company called APEX in Tulsa. I have had great experiences working with them. On a closing day, I do a final walkthrough with my clients and then we head to the closing. This is one of my very favorite moments of my job. I love handing over the keys to my clients because I know they get to start making memories in their new home! It is an extremely exciting time for everyone involved! 

Another thing I might be doing is going to a listing appointment. This consists of me going through paperwork to help someone list their home on the market. This can be a very nerve-racking time for the sellers, but I do my best to make these appointments as stress-free as possible! 

I end the day by checking MLS once again, to see if any new houses hit the market, and I reach back out to my buyers and sellers. Each day brings new adventures, and I’m thankful for this because I do not enjoy doing the same thing every single day. Becoming a Realtor is one of the best decisions I have ever made!