Tulsa friends! If you are on the lookout for a talented photographer, I have one for you!

As I have grown my social media accounts, choosing a photographer has been extremely important to me. A little bit about Chloe and I… I grew up with Chloe and have been family friends with her for countless years. Chloe is a few years younger than me, and growing up, I’d always clean out my closet to pass down my clothes to her. It was always a highlight to my day getting to bring her my old clothes! Fast forward a decade, and she is one of the best dressed people I know. I cannot forget to mention her amazing personality! She makes any situation fun and joyful! The moment you start talking with her, she will bring a smile to your face.

Most of the decor pictures you see on my Instagram, Facebook, and website are shot by Chloe. The edits she uses makes the pictures look clear and natural. To me, that was very important. I want you all to see the raw images, so I am not leading you to buy something that does not look like the picture. She helps my dreams come to life with her photography skills!

Chloe comes over before each holiday and shoots my decor for me, and I have been more than impressed by her work. She not only shoots home decor, but also does lifestyle shoots, senior pictures and the list goes on. I highly recommend checking out her website chloereedphotography.com and her Instagram @chloereedphotography. If you have trouble finding her page, message me; and I will help you get in contact with her!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! As always, if you have any questions for me, I am just a phone call or email away!