I cannot believe it is SPRING! Every time spring rolls around, I always forget how much I love this season. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and all the holidays… But there is something about the longer days and warm weather that make me SO happy! I started to decorate for Easter, and I cannot wait to show you all!

As spring rolls around, the real estate market always starts to heat up! If you are thinking about buying or selling in the near future, now is the time to start! I am working with a lot of different buyers right now in all price ranges, so I have knowledge in several areas! One thing that always catches my eye about listing your home in the Spring is the gorgeous grass and flowers! It’s a game changer to have everything bloomed in the picture, rather than having dead trees and grass for your listing picture! It’s 100% more appealing for the buyers!

What is stopping you from buying/selling right now? I would love to take a minute to talk on the phone or grab coffee to talk about everything! I have several connections in the mortgage world, if getting approved is stopping you! I can make sure you are in great hands! If you are unsure how the process works, that is OK! That is why I am here! If you don’t know what type of home you need, I can help you find the perfect house! I am here to make the process easier, and I want to help YOU! I have worked with countless people, and I always want them to feel comfortable asking for my help on anything home related! I have contacts such as: roofers, contractors, plumbers, interior designers, and the list goes on!

Let’s find you a new home! Feel free to email or call me whenever!


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